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Nadine Lustre And James Reid Are Once Again Starring In A New Series Called “Till I Met You”


After the successful stint of their “On The Wings Of Love” tandem that brought kilig factor to the masses, avid fans of über love team JaDine can’t wait to watch their much talked about ABS-CBN romantic-drama series “Till I Met You” – starring the reel-to-real couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

Shot in Greece and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, the story revolves around three characters who are embroiled in a love triangle with a touch of LGBT emotional involvement.

Irish (Nadine) finds herself attracted to her best friend Ali (JC Santos). Ali is always there when she needs him most, giving much needed attention particularly in times when she’s down and lonely. He’s the only man who makes her feel beautiful when others think she’s not, building up her self-confidence and is the source of her strength. She shares crazy thoughts and jokes with him – even secrets not worth telling. Just by merely looking into each other’s eyes they’re able to read each other’s minds. Freaky.

Enter Basti into the picture and now things start to get complicated. VERY complicated.

Her heart beats faster whenever she sees him.

Her kilig levels are through the roof whenever he touches her.

Her whole being melts like putty whenever he utters a single word to her.

Could this be love?

But alas, the story again takes a twisted turn. Ali (JC Santos) admits to having feelings for Basti (James). How will this saucy love triangle end? We can’t wait to find out either.

Check out the first episode below:

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