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Meet Jersay Delaney: An Incredibly Talented Filipino Australian Singer/Songwriter


It was just a cassette tape. But it was a cassette tape that ultimately set Jersay Delaney’s feet on her path to make music a huge part of her life.

Meet Jersay Delaney. An incredibly talented singer/songwriter (and former beauty queen) whose musical prowess is in high demand in the Filipino-Australian community, and in May this year, was on full display in her trip to the Philippines with her sister, Chantelle. The afore-mentioned cassette tape was one her parents owned. But during a function in Campsie, Sydney, then 5-year old Jersay recognised the tape and pointed it out to her father who encouraged her to get up on stage and perform it. And, the rest, as they say, is history.

Jersay is a versatile songstress who isn’t afraid of performing an eclectic mix of musical styles. From Sia to Mariah Carey, from Celine Dion to Prince, this wife and mother has tried it all. On June 11, this year, she performed the challenging Filipino classic, ‘Ako Ay Pilipino’ at an Independence and Freedom Gala celebration (hosted by the Philippine Community Council of New South Wales) alongside Lillian de los Reyes, Marcus Rivera and Albie Prias. It was an event also attended by X-Factor Australia winner, Marlisa Punzalan. Jersay says: “Hearing them cheer, the looks and the emotions on their face, that’s what I enjoy most about performing…”


Becoming a better performer is always a goal for Jersay. Inspiring her are fellow artists such as choreographer, Klien Hicks and singer/dancer Amdrew Mark Baris (aka Miss Powers). She declares that in her eyes “they are perfect and absolutely flawless, they both have taught me so much and always give me the best advice…when I share the stage with them I feel I have to up my game because of their capability it’s always 110%…” She shares one of her most memorable performances with Andrew and her sister, Chantelle. She shares the experience: “We sung ‘Secret Love Song’, we also had to act out what we were singing and I think it was a perfect performance. Especially hearing the audience reaction and the tears on some of their faces was an amazing feeling…”

Jersay plans to stay on her musical journey. With the full support of her family, especially her husband, David, she will be kept busy with performances at multiple upcoming events. She also reveals that “I am also so excited about working with Flagcom for my upcoming solo concert that will be held next year sometime…” With her undeniable talent and consuming passion for music, the future is indeed very bright for Jersay Delaney.

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