5 Good Reasons Why You Should Visit Boracay


The beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun or the fresh breeze of summer. However, not all beaches are as beautiful and as exciting as Boracay. Boracay is a small island situated in Iloilo Philippines where tourists and locals alike can enjoy playing under the sun or diving in coral areas of the Marine Sanctuary.

The beauty of Boracay has definitely captivated most hearts of travelers, beach enthusiasts and even party goers. Now here are some tips and reasons why Boracay should be on your map for your next holiday to the Philippines.

1. A place of solitude

Even though some areas in Boracay are overcrowded, especially during holidays and summer, you can still have your solitude in Boracay. You can spend a day or night at the beach while watching the peaceful boats on Station one. There are also other secret beach spots in Boracay where you can have your privacy.

2. Easy access to parties

Boracay always holds some of the craziest beach and club parties in the Visayas region. With just a walk away from your hotel or beach station, you can hop from bar to bar and enjoy some ethnic music or jam with the latest groove of disco at the bars. You can enjoy and party at the beach and watch fire dancers perform their skills and tricks. You can also watch the locals create amazing sand sculptures and castles lighted with candles especially at night.


3. Unlimited things to do

There are plenty of things to do while you’re in Boracay. You can rent a KTV and sing along with your friends, go sea diving, explore the Marine Sanctuary, rent a banana boat, go on a road trip, visit the wildlife expo and the options are endless. Travelling within the island is also cheap and you can always hire tricycles or boats to bring you to the places that you wanted to go.

4. Convenience if provided

Boracay understands your need to purchase something that you want or are familiar with. There are dozens of convenience and grocery stores that are lined up every day for your service. Finding the right place that will satisfy your hunger is also not a problem because there are lots of restaurant spots that you can go to. Some shops sell budget-friendly local dishes whilst some provide quality dining at reasonable prices.


5. Giving you leisure

Boracay provides some of the best pampering services via their spas and saunas. You can always relax and enjoy your day with a full body massage. Famous hotels are also available based on your budget and provide a space to relax and unwind after hours in the sun.

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