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Are Filipino Movies Lacking In Substance??


A lot of movie critics are dismayed of how the themes of Filipino movie are going along. Apparently, they find movies created by Filipino filmmakers just lacking the substance that they are looking for that are present in Hollywood films. Here are some of the concerns being raised by film critics:

Very Obvious Movie Titles

The first issue that film critics are raising is the way filmmakers formulate their movie titles. For them, the titles are just too literal and self-explanatory which does not promote the use of imagination to Filipino audiences.

Unthought-Of Film Plots

The second issue is the way the movies have been created. Apparently, movie critics feel that the plots of current Filipino movies are not very well thought of. And the progress of the film is rather predictable and would not lead you to the edge of your seat nor make the mind boggle thinking what would happen next.

Lead Character Roles

Third pressing issue refers to the actors who play the lead roles of these movies. Apparently, if they are not the usual faces that we usually see since we are in our childhood days; then, they are definitely some young hot novice that became the movie producer’s flavor of the month. With the familiar faces always getting the lead roles, audiences just cannot help but get fed up by their looks. And, with inexperienced actors landing main roles definitely does not give any kind of justice to the movie.

What is more devastating to find out is the fact that movies such as these qualities made it to the Metro Manila Film Festival which will make you wonder if these films are really worth receiving certain awards, honors, and prestige?

What is happening with the Filipino movie industry? Would this signal the start of the fall of one of the most prestige film industries in the entire world? Gone are the days of creating substantial movies because directors at that time have already passed away and are being replaced by a new breed of incompetent movie makers.

Critics are asking as to how they can sleep at night thinking that they have not produced a substantial movie worthy of winning awards at the Manila Film Festival. Moreover, it has been found out that current filmmakers just copy plots from Hollywood movies or any other foreign films. It is noteworthy that these films have already been viewed by fellow Filipinos; hence, once they see the same exact plot on Pinoy movies, then, it is expected that it will not stir emotions nor provoke people from incorporating a positive change with their lives.

Pieces of Advice

Pinoy Filmmakers must, therefore, start to re-examine the movies they are creating and make a revolutionary change for the betterment of the industry. This way, they will be able to shun away from creating films that are worthy of discarding after they have been viewed or watched. They must also take into consideration the money spent by audiences just to watch the movies on the big screen. Absolutely, these consumers would like to get the best out of their money. A good movie is the one that reflects the culture of ones’ country and where we can get some good morals that we can use in our everyday lives.

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