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Four Things Filipinos Abroad Miss About The Philippines


In almost every Filipino household these days, a family member or a relative is either gone or still planning to go abroad. Everybody seems to be itching their way out of the Philippines and live somewhere else. We all have varied of reasons for leaving the country and being somewhere else in the world.

Some want a better life for families. Others may just want to travel or maybe find love. And though it may seem like life is great away from the Philippines, there are just some things that you cannot find anywhere else but there. So here’s a few things Filipinos abroad miss about the beautiful and exotic Philippines:

1. Food

There is no food like the Filipino Cuisine. No matter how many slices of Pizza, sautéed Veal or Quiche you have consumed, your palate knows something is definitely not quite like home.

Our dishes have a certain delectable charisma that no amount of pasta and any other Western or European dishes would replace. From the Kare-kare, Ginataang Gabi, Law-uy, bagoong to the different versions of the famous Adobo, nothing warms and comforts a Pinoy’s tummy like his or her mother or grandmother’s distinctive cooking.

2. One-of-a-kind Christmas Celebration

As a result of hundreds of years under the reign of foreign invaders, the majority of Filipinos are Christians and celebrates Christmas rather seriously. As soon as it hits September, we start taking out our decorations kept safely in our attics, and adorn our homes with every bit of Christmas ensembles we can find. Our streets would start to feel the holidays too as natives from the far-flung provinces roam the cities and spread cheer by singing their own version of Jiggle Bells and Holy Night in moving Jeepneys.

3. The Over-the-top hospitality

One of the things that sets our culture apart from other Asian countries is our exaggerated attempts for hospitality. The guests always get the best rooms in our homes, and the rest of the family sleeps on the floor or in the living room. We also make it to a point to always serve our guest everything that is inside our fridge leaving us with only dried fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the next few days.

4. The Cheap Transportation

We have all forms of public transportation which you just can’t find anywhere else in the world. Get to where you need to be with the signature Philippine Jeepney, motorized tricycles, Sikad (a tricycle), habal-habal (motorcycles for hire), kalesa, and even with a Karabaw-driven carriage. They don’t cost much, plus you get to enjoy a scenic view on the way.

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