5 Things To Do When Coming Home to the Philippines


There are so many exciting things to do when coming home to the Philippines. As we all know, the Philippines has a rich culture which showcases local and international talents from singing, dancing, art, music and many more. That is why you should list down some of the best things to do after coming home.

Visit places that are worth your vacation

Don’t spend your day lying on the bed or watching the TV after your return to the Philippines. Make a plan for a trip to some of your dream places to visit. You can go to Puerta Galera, Boracay, Cebu or Bohol and enjoy the adventurous life. If you are unable to go to places that are too far from your home then look for some hot spots or beautiful resorts. You can also schedule your trip to visit some provinces that celebrate their fiesta.

Visit old churches in the Philippines

The Philippines holds a number of historical churches in all parts of the archipelago. The Philippines consists of religion such as Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and many more however many Filipinos such as yourselves remained god-fearing. Historical churches are often visited by tourists, locals and balikbayan to pay homage to their patron saint as well as to ask guidance and good health.

Watch cultural shows anywhere

You may not notice this at first but Philippine has a very strong connection to the culture. Some of which are preserved through stage performance like the Kundiman. You can also visit provinces such as Baguio and explore the rich culture of the natives. You can also watch cultural shows on Universities that hold events such as Linggo ng Wika or founder’s day. Some local and international artist holds a concert that exhibits historical events.

Dine-in on restaurants that offer local, international and exquisite cuisines

There are lots of restaurants from sidewalks to five stars that serve the best food. You can taste some of the freshest fish on local dishes that are cooked in a traditional way. Satisfy your hunger from the well known and not-so-favorite Balut in a nearby food stall and refresh your thirst and hunger from famous or not-so-famous restaurants and food chains by eating all the time Halo-Halo.

Spend your quality and family time on resorts and beaches

Singing on a bar or a rented Ktv at your home is always the best quality time of every balikbayan. You might also do the same with your friends and family. However, you can also bring your family and friends to famous or cheap resorts in a nearby beach or pool with your favorite letchon.

Going back to the Philippines after a long vacation or work from other countries will actually bring back lots of memories. That is why you should never waste your time just by sitting in your house thinking about this and that all night but instead list down some of the things that you would want to do and visit while you are still in the Philippines.

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