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GMA shows are now available in 58 Countries via Amazon Prime Video

GMA now available on Amazon Prime Video

Filipinos all over the world can now watch their favorite Kapuso shows and artists via Amazon Prime Video.


Now available to Prime Video customers are some of GMA’s top-rated shows – The One That Got Away, Super Ma’am, Juan Happy Love Story, Beautiful Justice, and The Gift.


Starring Lovi Poe (Alex), Rhian Ramos (Zoe), and Max Collins (Darcy), The One That Got Away is a story about women who formed an unlikely friendship after discovering that in different times of their lives, they were romantically linked with the same guy played by Dennis Trillo (Liam).


Super Ma’am, on the other hand, is bannered by Marian Rivera-Dantes as Minerva Henerala. Minerva is a high school teacher who had lost her mother and sister to an archaeological accident many years ago. She had an encounter with winged creatures and shapeshifters called Tamawo. Throughout the years, the Tamawo have their way into the city and abducts and children to feed on their energy. Minerva becomes “Super Ma’am,” a Tamawo hunter that saves the human world from them.


In Juan Happy Love Story, Heart Evangelista plays the role of Happy while Dennis Trillo is Juan dela Costa. The two meet each other when Juan rescues Happy from a thief. Their romance leads to a wedding. Their relationship with their families is opposed and the couple can’t have children on their own, so they decided to adopt instead.


Featuring the heart-pounding stories of the unsung heroes of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Beautiful Justice is an action-drama series starring Gabbi Garcia (Brie), Bea Binene (Kitkat), and Yasmien Kurdi (Alice).


Finally, Alden Richards once again showcases his acting caliber in The Gift as he takes on the role of Sep—a visually-impaired vendor in Divisoria who discovers his ability to see the past and the future. It centers on hope, transformation, and inspiration.  


All these Kapuso shows and more are available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand as well as in Latin America, Asia Pacific/Oceania, and Africa. For the complete list of countries, click this link: GMA

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