4 Effective Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy (So You Can Get Stuff Done)


Whether you admit it or not, being a parent can be quite exhausting. It is a 24-hour job, which runs seven days a week, with no vacation all year-round. And, you can never resign, nor transfer your duties to another individual: it is lifetime employment.

So yes, it can be tiring, and sometimes, you wish you could just take a break for a few minutes. But you tell yourself you cannot because if you did the house and everything in it is going to fall apart.

But let me tell you, it won’t. Mothers are people too though we seem like superheroes running on caffeine and sheer will. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, we need a little break once in a while.

I am not talking about a day at the beach alone or a week-long vacation, however, you can take a few moments of relaxation while taking care of your little bundle of fun. Spending time with your kids doesn’t have to be draining and grueling all the time. Your time with them can be enjoyable, fun, and relaxing.

So here are a few ways to keep your kids busy while you rest at the same time:

1. Tap into their artistic side

Kids love anything colourful and new, and what better way to let them experience that but through art. You can try many activities with them like painting, and you can pose as their muse, which gives you a chance to stay still and your kids preoccupied.

You can also let them play with Play Dough to encourage their creativity. You can let them make sculptures of their favorite animal or anything they can come up with.

However, you might not want to leave them on their own. Kids are very imaginative so when left with paint, glue, and clay on their own could spell hours of cleaning on your part. Put them in a place where they can be messy, and try to paint-proof your walls by plastering it first with newspapers.

2. Make a fort

This little establishment brings about all kinds of wonder for your little munchkins. You can pretend to have a sleepover with your kids or let them play doctor and let them take care of you.

This gives you the opportunity to just lie down and let your kids feed you with imaginary food and some clay burgers.

3. Let them watch TV

A little TV won’t hurt. Though you do not want them sitting there for hours, but allowing them some TV time allows you that chance to rest. Moreover, you can sit right next to them while watching their favourite show and relax with your kids for a little bit. Who knows? You might even be able to have a snooze!

4. Read

Kids enjoy adventure, and as much as they love looking for it, they also take pleasure from hearing about it. So read your kid’s books that tickle their imagination. And, you may also let them read to you. My little girl would oftentimes take the book from me, and pretend to read it by creating her own story. It keeps her busy trying to come up with what happens next in the story, and I get to just sit and enjoy her story.

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