6 Effective Tips For Working Moms To Stay Healthy


Moms today have stepped into a hundred roles. A woman’s job is no longer just limited to tending to the kids and making sure that there is a home-cooked meal on the table. Aside from being homemakers, we have become teachers, businesswomen, bakers, community leaders, and so much more.

Moreover, we have joined the workforce and contribute to making ends meet for our families. Working moms are part of almost every industry, which is the reason for the development of more laws protecting women in the workplace.

The fast-paced life of a working mom can seriously take a toll on our health. Though it may seem selfless to always put your family and other responsibilities first, not taking care of yourself is never the sensible choice. So here are a few effortless tips for busy moms like you and me:

1. Never starve yourself

Skipping a meal here and there may seem harmless but doing so may actually put your health at risk. Yes, we have a dozen things to do, and about a hundred more tasks waiting to be accomplished, but you should never let yourself go hungry. Running on caffeine alone is certainly not the best option.

If you can’t get yourself a full meal then settle small frequent bites like sandwiches or biscuits. You need about a reasonable amount of sugar every three or four hours. So, if you don’t have the time to sit down and eat lunch, pack a healthy tuna sandwich or an apple you munch on whenever you feel hungry.

2. Don’t overeat

Dealing with a myriad of things can be stressful, which can pose a number of health issues like insomnia, depression, diabetes, and heart disease. Moreover, people cope with stress differently – some lose their appetite while other gobble as much food as they can get their hands on. Yes, it is unhealthy to not eat, but it is also not good to overeat. Choose food that not only makes you feel good but also helps you stay in shape. There are a number of recipes online that are easy to prepare, affordable and tastes just as delicious as fast food.

3. Hydrate

Filling up with water will not only help you from devouring three more cupcakes but it essentially offers more health benefits than you know. Drinking a reasonable amount of water helps with your brain function and affects your energy levels. It also regulates digestion and aids with constipation.

4. Move around

Office work may not always provide you with the physical activity your body needs. Well, if you think creatively enough, going to the gym will not be your only source of exercise. Simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator lets you do a little cardio. If you drive to work, park your car further from the entrance than usual or if you take the bus, get off a stop or two before the closest one to work – the walk will do you good! Even just frequently getting up off your desk to refill your glass or drink bottle is good exercise!

5. Surround yourself with the right people

Sometimes, the people around us can be more damaging to our health than having the wrong kind of diet. So, do away with negativity. Try to distance yourself from people who make you feel angry, lonely, or less about yourself. Yes, these feelings are normal but dwelling on them more than you should have will only bring you anxiety and constant worry. Choose to be positive and everything else will be.

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