7 Effective Ways To Lose The Unwanted Flabs


Staying fit can sometimes be excruciatingly difficult and can take so much of your time. However, staying in shape should never be set aside. It is not about just trying to fit into your jeans but also to be healthy.

When trying to lose weight, our first consideration should be our wellness. Every step should be directed to making sure that our body gets exactly what it needs to function properly. And, when we have this as our goal, shaking off the extra weight is not as demanding and strenuous as we think it is anymore. So, here are 7 ways to lose the unwanted flab:

1. Know when you are hungry

Yes, you are not supposed to be hungry all the time. As your body continuously digests food and turns them into the energy you need to function during the day, you then need to make sure you provide fuel for your body.

However, you might also need to consider the amount of time your intestines require to completely break down the food and transform them into nutrients.

2. Choose what you eat

Another critical factor you need to keep in mind is the amount of calories you consume every day. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the average person’s minimum calorie requirement per day globally is approximately 1,800 kilocalories (7,500 kJ) depending on your lifestyle, sex, and age. So, be a little more aware of your diet, and maybe on the next trip to the grocery, it won’t hurt to check the calorie content of what you stock in your fridge.

Also, adding vegetables and fruits to your regular meal can do a lot in reducing the risk of acquiring any disease.

3. Drink plenty of water

Since our body is composed mainly of water, what better way to keep in shape than to ensure that it is well hydrated. Drinking water allows your body to function better, flushes out toxins, and it even increases your energy.

4. Exercise regularly

Making sure that you are eating right isn’t enough. You also do need to move your body a little to keep it active and in shape. Moreover, exercise helps you de-stress and make you feel good about yourself.

No need to go to the gym. You can do stretches and exercises in the comfort of your home. A lot of exercise videos are available online to teach you how, and you won’t even need a gym instructor to help you.

5. Get enough sleep

Yes, sleeping can help you lose that weight. Getting the required amount of sleep lets your system function accordingly, which then translates to better digestion and more energy to do other things to keep you fit.

6. Set a goal

Like building a house, losing weight requires a blueprint of what you want to achieve. You need to plan and have a clear and smart goal. Whether it’s weighing 5 kilos lighter or being able to wear the cute bikini you saw in the mall, it is important to define the target for your actions.

7. Stick with your goal

Sometimes, we veer off the road we told ourselves to take and that is normal. However, if you want to get to where you need to be, you have to stick to your chosen path. Remind yourself of your goals when faced with temptation. Write your desired weight and post it on the fridge or maybe put a picture of that bikini you wanted on your mirror. You need to motivate yourself because no one else will do it for you. Only you can change your life.

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