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One On One With An Internationally Acclaimed Performer: Brian Lorenz


If there is anything that led him to where acclaimed performer, Brian Lorenz, is today, it is passion for music and his love and appreciation for his audience. Brian Lorenz displays an artistic talent and dedication towards his work. It would be too hard not to notice his skills and presence that exude positivity and inspiration.

Brian discovered his love of music at a very young age. “It only took one candy for me to sing and dance on the dining table”, he recalls when asked about his first ever performance. He remembers how he unabashedly performed in front of his dad and his close friends while the group was having a little drink. Today, this charming lad is clearly getting more than candies. He now enjoys the love and support of his audience who helps him throughout his journey.

Just like the acceptance he is receiving from his supporters, his family and all other loved ones also serve as a rock that he can lean on all the time. “They are very supportive. If my late dad was still around, he will be in every single show I do”, Brian fondly shares. His dad may not be around, but we are pretty sure that the old man is watching him from above while celebrating his triumphs.

Brian feels ecstatic every time he performs. The energy that his audience shows him whenever he is on stage is a validation of their love for him. This, more than anything else, keeps him inspired to deliver great music that can touch the hearts of many. Additionally, he believes that it takes more than talent to make it in the industry. It is the intangible things which you can showcase that will eventually bear fruits. Undeniably, Brian completes the package.

Being in the music industry has granted him so many opportunities that really helped him become the artist and the person that he is now. He has met amazing people from all walks of life and considers Australians to have some of the most interesting personalities he has ever encountered. “It is interesting how they understand each other. It used to take me five seconds to comprehend what they say and they think the same way about me”, he laughs.

When questioned about his memorable performance, he stresses excitedly that his performance with Rose “Osang” Fostanes, who won the first season of X-Factor Israel in 2014 at the Sydney Town Hall still makes him smile whenever he thinks about it. He counts it as one of the most unforgettable shows in his career.

Currently, Brian is busy perfecting his craft as he shares his big dreams in the future. He plans to write and record his own songs and release more albums. Part of it is to perform more shows in Australia and overseas while sharing his passion with the world. Given his impressive qualities and determination, it will take no time for Brian Lorenz to achieve everything that his heart desires.

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