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Fighting For Your Life : How I Survived A Life Threatening Illness And Lived to Tell About It!


Six years ago I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness … And my world was never the same again.

Here’s my story …..

Back then when I used to live in the Philippines, my life was surrounded by materialism and ambition. Just like any mother who wanted to provide for her family, I actually worked so hard that I was juggling two jobs. My husband was also always away working in the field so we rarely saw each other. We still religiously went to church every Sunday and we also went on holidays together with the kids, but we never had time to actually serve God.

That’s why I consider our big move in Australia back in 1992 such a blessing in disguise. Our arrival here in Australia led us to join the Couple’s for Christ community here in Sydney and we’ve never been happier. This community has taught us a lot, since joining Couples for Christ I have developed a personal and loving relationship with God and I’ve also discovered the joy in serving God as well as my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Everything was going really well in both our spiritual and personal lives when shocking news suddenly struck my family. I was diagnosed with a serious ovarian tumor back in August 2006 and I needed to undergo a major operation.

My condition had so many complications that my ovarian tumor became a life-threatening illness. I could not accept my condition. I was serving God so much … How can I be diagnosed with such an illness??

The first thing I did when I heard the news was turn to my faith. I realized that God is the only one that I can really count on in these times of need. So I prayed and prayed … And prayed some more. I figured that only God can help me now ….

After a risky operation and four seemingly long months of rest and recuperation – I surprisingly returned to good health. God has answered my prayers, I was healed. It was a miracle!

Looking back over the years, I could honestly say that this specific experience has taught me a lot about life. I have seen first-hand the love of my husband, two kids, relatives and friends who have proven their love, commitment, and faithfulness towards me when I needed them the most. I have realized that life is short so we should always enjoy and live our lives to the fullest and use our maximum potential to serve God and other people. And I have also realized that God will never leave you – no matter what. His love is eternal and everlasting.

I’ve also realized that we are all just temporary residents here on Earth; our final place is in fact in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It has been a truly life-changing and harrowing experience for me …. Now I am running my race for God.

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