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Ge To Know Philippines’ Very Own Queen of Bossa Nova: Sitti Navarro


Sitti’s first shot at stardom was when she joined MTV Philippines’ MTV Supahstar: D’ Super Search in 2004 where she went on to become one of the winners and eventually bag herself a record deal. When Sitti pierced through the music scene in 2006, she had with her a bold undertaking: to revive the interest of Filipinos for bossa nova, a niche market in the Philippines’ music industry. With pop artists drowning the limelight, Sitti quietly released her debut album, Café Bossa under Warner Music Philippines, a mix of classic bossa tunes and unique covers that were given a bossa touch. From then on, Sitti’s presence shook the industry as her music became a staple of radios nationwide. With her songs such as “Para sa Akin” and “Tattooed on My Mind” among others playing frequently in the airwaves, along with her soothing voice and captivating smile, Sitti’s unique sound was etched in the hearts of many.

After creating a new music trend in the Philippines, seeing numerous record labels and artists following suit in the rising Bossa trend, Sitti unceasingly stood up above the rest and distinguished herself as the woman who started it all: Sitti was now recognized by many as the Philippines’ very own Queen of Bossa Nova. With that distinction, she released her Sitti Live! album and a repackaged Café Bossa VCD, both of which did not fail to substantiate her popularity among her growing number of fans, the SiTTiZens.

After gaining a double-platinum record for Café Bossa and a gold record for Sitti Live!, Sitti was already unstoppable. In 2007, she released a collaboration album with the renowned MYX Philippines DJ Dense Modesto entitled Sitti In The Mix (The Dense Modesto Remixes). The remix album was a unique offering of songs from her debut album along with a few new tracks given the unique Dense Modesto sound. Within the same year, Sitti launched her second smash album entitled My Bossa Nova, a collection of “bossafied” pop covers and the original song that she co-wrote entitled “A Song for Penny Brown”.

In 2008, Sitti released a Live! version of her My Bossa Nova album, which has just hit platinum status. Shortly after, she released her first Christmas album entitled Ngayong Pasko, which unsurprisingly hit gold status less than a week after its release. Sitti collaborated with Asian Pop Idol, Christian Bautista, in the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” and also in “Captured,” Christian’s second single from his album bearing the same title. Two years in her budding career and Sitti has already made a name for herself. Her amazing record sales are a testament of the newfound love for bossa in the country today.

Aside from being a singer, Sitti also has a passion for hosting. She was chosen to co-host Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 that aired on Studio 23, where she skillfully exchanged banters with the equally witty Asia Agcaoili. Sitti’s wholesome image is also perfect for endorsements, as she is currently the official endorser of Lush Group of Companies’ Fruitas, Buko ni Fruitas, and The Mango Farm chains nationwide. Sitti’s presence is literally everywhere: on television, radio, and even print.

Outside the spotlight, Sitti also earned a reputation of her own. A graduate of the prestigious University of the Philippines, Sitti holds a degree in Business Economics. The high school valedictorian and consistent dean’s lister was also involved in numerous school organizations, making her a true role model for today’s youth. However, despite her undeniable successes in college, Sitti’s love for music was her one-way ticket to stardom. At the early age of 16, she already started performing at the Hyatt Calesa Bar and soon after, Stonehouse. The rest, as many fondly say, is history.

With her numerous merits and accomplishments in show business, there is still so much in store for Sitti in the near future. Her versatility and humility are indisposable qualities that will keep her on the fast-lane to consistent success. Now a talent of Backroom, Inc. the doors have opened even wider for the new bossa nova royalty, and we are sure to witness more of her talent as she continues to bring her unique brand of music to a modern era of listeners, or as the SiTTiZens always say, to “Spread the Bossa Love”!

InLife Magazine was fortunate enough to have a one on one interview with her and here’s what went down:

Hi Sitti, what are your first impressions of Sydney, Australia?

I love Sydney! I love the fact that it’s so clean around here.

Can you give us a brief description of yourself? Were you studying anything before you became a full-time singer?

Well, I originally graduated from UP in April 2005 with a degree in Business Economics where I was fortunate enough to be a dean’s lister at the same university.

How did you get discovered?

I started singing at the age of 5; I was a member of a church choir. Later on I then became a lounge singer at a Resto Bar. At the age of 16, Kuya Garry saw me singing at the ‘Stone House’. That was when he approached me with the intent of managing me as a fulltime singer and I guess you can say the rest is history.

Your signature style is Bossa Nova, can you give us a brief description on what it is?

Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music created by Vinicius de Moraes, Antônio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto, which was first introduced in Brazil in the late 1950’s.

Who did you look up to back then?

Back then I wasn’t really serious with becoming a singer, although I did admire Lea Salonga and Lani Misalucha.

For the time that you’ve been in Showbiz, what is the achievement that you are proudest of?

I guess I would say that I’m really proud of the impact Bossa Nova made in the Philippines through my songs. To begin with, I wasn’t really sure if Bossa Nova would click in the Philippines so when it did I was so overwhelmed with the success of my ‘Café Bossa’ album.

Have you encountered any stalkers at all?

Yeah, I’ve encountered a lot of weird people during mall shows actually. Some people would just come up and pretend that they know me or something, one time someone just came up and lunged forward with a kiss! Luckily I was able to duck away from his lips!

What is the difference between Sitti Navarro as a performer and Sitti Navarro as a person?

Well, I guess you can say that as a performer I’m bubbly and more out there. As a person, I’m a bit quiet actually.

Thanks for the interview Miss Navarro, best of luck with everything!

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