Can Eating More Actually Make You Weigh Less??


I work in retail, and I get to meet a lot of interesting people. Last week I was having a pleasant conversation with a customer when she proudly told me she had lost 5 kilos and was on her way to achieving her goal weight! I was very impressed and asked her what her secret was.

“You won’t believe me when I say this,” she started. “But I am eating more food than ever before!”

I was dumbstruck. What made her start eating more foods? She had a dietician who told her which foods she should eat more of and which foods she should eliminate.

Dietitians cater to your health goals and plan your diet around your body shape and weight. This particular customer wasn’t eating enough carbs (of all things) and her dietician told her that in order to boost her metabolism, she had to eat more carbs every day! (Sign me up for this diet!)

Along with a diet of carbs, this woman has been eating 6 small meals a day, making sure to put something into her mouth every 2-3 hours. Which is obviously genius. If you’re constantly snacking on something, you’re less likely to be hungry later on and gorge on something you shouldn’t, right before bed. A lot of celebrities, like Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, admit that constantly snacking through the day is one way they keep their weight at bay.

So maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Instead of sticking religiously to three meals a day, let’s double our food intake (with healthier portions, I might add) and watch the weight fall off! A diet where you don’t have to starve yourself? I’m in!

Photo by Adrienn from Pexels


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