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6 Makeup Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

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By Chi de Jesus

“Beauty” is a billion-dollar industry that never goes into recession. Pandemic or not, this industry continues to be relevant by inventing and re-inventing to keep being relevant. As the beauty industry evolves with the needs of its market, forecasts, predictions, and recommendations are the most anticipated information one has to find out to get into the groove.

After scouring through different sources – Tiktok, Pinterest, YouTube, and online beauty magazines here’s some info that will give you a bit of an idea on what level of beauty everyone can be in 2022.

For the overall look, 2022 looks more natural, effortless, and fresh for the day look working with minimal concealer and barely-there foundation or tinted moisturizer which makes use of the terms “soft glam” and “chil.” For more glam situations, “luminous” is the keyword – focusing on the lips, eyeshadow, and highlights. Think shimmer with a sprinkle of glitter to enhance those dewy highlights.

Don’t be shocked though with the introduction of mood make-up. The last 2 years may have concealed our inner turmoils but 2022 divulges what you feel through make-up depicting self-expression. Burst of colours will be “in” for those moody times working neon and ditching the pastels. To edge it up a bit, say goodbye to blending! Lines, blotches, and strikes with the occasional futuristic embellishments accentuate this “back-to-the-80’s” look for when you’d want to roar, kill and devour … glamorously, of course.

For those arched wonders, brows still continue the upward trend with a feathered brushed-up look made famous by Tiktok followers. They are called “soap brows” inspired by the 1940’s-50’2 when make-up artists discovered that soap could be a better alternative to keep the brows in place creating a lifted or laminated look.

Given the mask situation in 2020 and 2021, drama was focused on the eyes with bold colours and sultry designs. This year, this trend continues with coloured eyeliners, bejewelled eyes, pastel matte eyeshadows, and “dopamine-fuelled eyes” using neon orange and other reflective colours. Though fab lashes are still in, a refreshing take on the winged liner will be in-trend – welcome “kitten eyeliner” which provides a more youthful look. This takes the place of uber elongated cat eyes. If you’re wondering what it looks like, the best example I always give is Gal Gadot’s diminutive flick of a liner – cute, savvy, and tasteful.

For the cheeks, subtlety takes a back seat with the bold blush. Reminiscent of the ’90s across the face, sun-kissed look. According to beauty sites, the monochromatic look is gone and the healthy glow takes its place giving more emphasis on being in the “pink of health.”

And finally, to seal the deal with a kiss, dark lip liners are back! So think ombre lips, extended pouts, and even “grunge” burgundy lips of the 90s can be a good reveal when you take off those masks – so make sure it’s long-lasting or super stay. However, in allowable situations, which right now may be a number of occasions, a splash of fabulous gloss provides the more in “high shine” lips. On more special events, “celebratory lipsticks” with specks of glitter and shine may be in order. So, glam up!

Get ready to get out of your comfort zone because 2022 will definitely shake this year to its fabulous core – even if it is making a moody statement. One thing definitely is a 100% in – multifunctional make-up. These are products that do not only colour your life with a lot of “luminosity” but also take care of your skin from the harsh elements of the environment and keep it hydrated because healthy will forever be in.

Source: The Australian Filipina

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