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5 simple ways to cut your car fuel costs


The green light has been given for Australian petrol prices to be slashed as part of the federal government’s preparation to temporarily reduce fuel tax. 

While this news is promising, experts argue we can’t rely on decreased petrol prices alone to cope with the nation’s cost of living crisis.

With this in mind, Nick Drewe, financial expert at WeThrift has shared five initiatives drivers can take to cut down on their fuel costs. 

1. Use cashback schemes and loyalty cards 

Various petrol stations and supermarkets offer cashback schemes and loyalty cards to encourage customers to use their services.

Every time you buy fuel at a particular station, you simply have to swipe your loyalty card and points are then awarded.

2. Be conscious of how much you’re topping up 

Every time you fill up your tank, make sure to only top up what your car requires at the time. A top tip to deciding the correct amount of fuel you need is to keep a consumption notebook in your glove box or keeping a record on your phone.

For every visit to the petrol station, note down how much fuel you put in your car to get from A-B. In this ever-changing economy, be sure to record your fuel consumption in litres and not in dollars.

3. Select your sat nav app carefully 

If you’re driving in an unfamiliar location, make sure you use a sat nav to avoid going in circles and wasting your running costs.

Sat navs are great devices for saving money because they will show you the quickest route to your destination. They can also work in real time and help you avoid getting stuck in traffic jams, and some models will even select the most economical route to help you avoid fuel-stealing obstacles such as large hills and heavy stop-start traffic.

Motorists will be pleased to know that there is a new ‘eco-friendly routing’ feature on Google Maps, which instructs drivers on the most economic route to take.

4. Inflate your tyres to the right pressure

If you have the incorrect tyre pressure, you’ll be using more fuel to keep your car running smoothly. This is because of the added friction while driving that comes from a misshapen tyre.

To know what the recommended tyre pressure is for your vehicle, first check your vehicle handbook.

Sometimes the pressure could be printed either in the sill of the driver’s door or on the inside of the fuel tank flap.

Your vehicle manufacturer may also suggest different tyre pressures for your front and rear tyres so it is always worth doing your research.

5. Drive smoothly 

One of the easiest ways to save on fuel is to drive in a smooth manner. Be sure to accelerate smoothly and avoid hard breaks to limit your fuel consumption. Shifting gears from time to time can also help you to avoid throwing away your fuel.

If you’re driving a new model, check if your vehicle has a gear-shift indicator, as this will inform you of the most economical and efficient point to change your gear.

This article was sourced from a media release sent by Kal Withana @ JBH

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