Top 5 Ways To Maximize Your Productivity And Achieve More In Less Time


All of us have thought about those very successful and productive people and wished to have their lives at some point in our lives. And other times, we think of how they make the most out of their day while you having the same 24 hours, cannot do as well or as much as them.

To increase productivity, you have to devise a proper plan, strictly follow it, and try your best to reach the goal. Do you want to find a plan of ways to maximize your productivity? Here are some tips you can bring to ensure you are winning it all in your life.

1. Make sure you are giving yourself enough breaks

Though it sounds counterintuitive, having regularly scheduled breaks may help improve your concentration. Research has also shown that having shorter breaks in longer tasks enables you to maintain a constant level of performance, while working on different tasks without breaks leads to a decline in your ability to perform well.

2. Track and also limitations on how much time you are devising for different tasks

You might think that you are pretty good at measuring how much time you spend on different tasks. But some research also suggests that only a small percentage, 17 percent, of people are ideally able to estimate the passage of time.

To be among these people, you can try out different things or methods to measure your time spent on different tasks. You can also use applications to estimate your time on your social media, word processing, email, and apps.

3. Self-imposed deadlines

While we mostly think of stress as a bad thing, getting some healthy and manageable levels of self-imposed stress may bring in more extended focus and help us meet our goals. It will help if you try giving yourself some deadlines for open-ended tasks or projects and then sticking to them. You will get surprised to discover how focused and productive you may get when you are keeping an eye on the clock. It is one of the best ways to improve productivity.

4. Follow the rule by Steve Olenski:

A successful entrepreneur Steve Olenski suggests that implementing the two-minute rule in your life to make the most out of the small window of time you have at work can be one significant improvement. The idea is that if you see some tasks or actions which you know can be done in two minutes or even less, do them just at once. According to him, completing the tasks right away will take less time than getting back to them later. Implementing this has also made him one of the most influential content strategists online.

5. Start saying no to meetings

Meetings are one of the most time-sucking things, but somehow we all continue to book them unquestionably, attend them and inevitably keep complaining about them as well. The average office worker will be spending 31 hours every month in unproductive sessions of meetings. Before you book your next appointment, you should ask yourself if you can accomplish similar goals through email, web-based meetings, or merely a phone call.

These are some ways to increase productivity, and you can work through it all by perfect planning. Plan your work, and work your plan must be your way to deal with time delays and days spent in unproductive hassle.

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