Stargazer Productions Delivers Spectacular Mrs. of Australia and Miss Little, Junior, and Teen Earth Australia 2024 Extravaganza

Photo Credit: Bob Reyes

Stargazer Productions once again dazzled audiences with its latest showcase, the Mrs. of Australia and Miss Little, Junior, and Teen Earth Australia 2024 pageants. Held at the esteemed Roundhouse in UNSW over the weekend, the event captivated attendees with its grandeur, drawing participants from every corner of the country.

Among the standout contenders were Miss Little Earth representative Jennifer Condous-Thirlmire from NSW, Miss Junior Earth contestants Eisha Joy Hobson from Oakville, NSW, and Georgia Karpatsis from Leichardt, NSW, as well as Miss Teen Earth contestants Candice Tarrant from Gladesville, NSW, Maria Angela Tungol from Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, and Klara Cassandra Mallari from Midvale, WA.

Following a captivating competition, the victors emerged triumphant. Jennifer Condous was bestowed the title of Miss Little Earth Australia, while Eisha Joy Hobson earned the prestigious Miss Junior Earth Australia crown, and Candice Tarrant secured the coveted title of Miss Teen Earth Australia.

The Mrs. of Australia segment showcased an impressive array of contestants from diverse regions, including Teresa Pacubas, Rhodora Williams, Marlyn Pearce, Joy Miles, Jan Herdman, Elaine Mortel, Indira Setia Putri, Grace May, and Allison Gal. Each participant exuded elegance, poise, and intelligence throughout the contest.

The winners of the Mrs. of Australia segment included Grace May, crowned Mrs. Charity Queen; Jan Herdman, who claimed the title of Mrs. Supranational Australia; Indira Setia Putri, securing the title of Mrs. Grand Australia; and Rhodora Williams, who was honored as Mrs. Earth Australia.

The event underscored Stargazer Productions’ unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedication to spotlighting the talent, beauty, and intelligence of women across Australia. With its flawless execution and unforgettable moments, the Mrs. of Australia and Miss Earth Australia 2024 pageants left an indelible mark on all attendees.

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