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President Rodrigo Duterte Admits To PERSONALLY Killing Criminals Himself

President Duterte disclosed in his speech in front of the businessmen that he had personally killed suspected criminals to set an example fo [...]

Rodrigo Duterte’s Son, Baste Duterte Is Now Officially A Social Media Heart-Throb

Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, son of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, is now a popular figure in the social media – he’s currently being branded [...]

Duterte Just Issued A Strong Warning To NAIA Police In A Bid To Stop The Tanim-Bala Scam

The upcoming president Rodrigo Duterte has a strong warning to all the personnel of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport regarding the bul [...]

Duterte Is The New President But The Vice President Is Still A Battle Between Robredo And Marcos

Rodrigo Duterte is over 5 million votes ahead over the second placer Mar Roxas so it’s safe to say that he is the next president of the Ph [...]
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