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Duterte Just Issued A Strong Warning To NAIA Police In A Bid To Stop The Tanim-Bala Scam


The upcoming president Rodrigo Duterte has a strong warning to all the personnel of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport regarding the bullet planting scam that has victimised a number of innocent passengers.

Just a day after the election, Duterte said that if the tanim-bala scam continues, all the personnel working there would be fired!  So it’s either they shape or they’re all going to shipped out.

‘Kayong nasa NAIA, pag may tanim pa d’yan… lahat kayo alis…’ he threatened them.

He added ‘do not do it to me because as I said I am awed and humbled by the vote given to me by the people for after all I did not also ask that I’d be president.’

Scroll down to watch the video below:

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