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5 Romantic Filipino Movies That Could Save Your Relationship

Is your relationship going through humps these days?

Did you know that watching movies together, particularly romantic-comedy films, can equate to an effective session in couples therapy? If you have read various research studies about the magic power of popcorn and DVD dates, then you know what we’re talking about.  Movie dates possess a surprising healing ability and you will be amazed just how your five-year itch can turn into a state of endless wants and dreams about forever.

Stray away from your conventional counseling methods. Here are five famous Filipino films that will surely save your relationship from fleeting away.

1. When The Love is Gone

When the Love is Gone

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When Audrey (Alice Dixson) lost her family time to her cake and pastry business, her husband Emman (Gabby Concepcion) found refuge in the company of newly-separated Cassie (Cristine Reyes). Things turn into a nightmare when Cassie’s ex-husband, Yuri (Jake Cuenca) seeks revenge.

Aside from this film’s heart-breaking twist, When the Love is Gone, released November 2013, is far from your ordinary love story. It is a plot of twisted love and passion that teaches understanding, faithfulness and forgiveness.

2. She’s The One


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The film revolves around the story of Cat (Bea Alonzo), who is secretly in love with her best friend Wacky (Dingdong Dantes) who in return, has endlessly taken her for granted.  The plot turns into a different angle when David (Enrique Gil) falls in love with Cat, making Wacky question his real feelings for his best friend.

3. It Takes a Man and a Woman


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This is the third instalment of Star Cinema’s overwhelmingly successful series, A Very Special Love. If you have followed Laida (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz), you would agree how well-deserved the ending was. The movie discussed great love, forgiveness, pain and happiness.

4. A Secret Affair


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Just like other equally famous love triangle films, A Secret Affair circles around relationship rules, boundaries, lies, temptations and love. It stars Andi Eigenmann as Samantha “Sam” Montinola)who becomes obsessed with Anton, played by Derek Ramsay, who was in a relationship with Rafaela “Rafi” Delgado (Anne Curtis).

5. The Mistress


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A romantic melodrama movie casting the priceless talent of Bea Alonzo(Sari) and John Lloyd Cruz (JD). With their proven and tested magic in the cinema, it was no doubt their comeback film. The Mistress set the mark higher as it garnered numerous awards from various award-giving bodies.

Ironically, watching couples fight on screen is an effective approach that real-life couples can incorporate into their relationship. Partners are definitely doing something right as they veg out in front of their TV’s watching movies that tackle relationships. Couples can discuss matters together as they watch it and connect it to their coupledom.

Are you experiencing the same relationship issue? Let these movies spark an honest conversation between the two of you and take it from there.

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