5 Ultimate Places For Your Dream Getaway In The Philippines

By: Trixia

The Philippines in recent years has become a favorite destination by couples on honeymoon, vacationing students, backpacking adventurers, and families from other countries with Filipino hosts. These people learned that the Philippines have many beautiful spots that can rival those of the Caribbean and other tropical countries for a more affordable travel and accommodations.

If you are looking for some privacy to enjoy your vacation, here are the top 5 hottest getaways that you can choose from.


Romblon Islands


Photo source: Flickr

The twenty exquisite islands in the province of Romblon have been compared to the beauty of the Mediterranean islands with its unspoiled, idyllic beaches, crystal-clear waterfalls and rivers, inland salt lake, and fabulous diving spots. Known as the “Marble Country”, Romblon has abundant marble resources that can rival those of Italy’s. Mountain climbers will also love trekking up the Mt. Guiting-Guiting located in Sibuyan Island whose 2,058 meters height  is a challenge to climb.




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If you like to visit an island known for its enchantments, mysticism, and magic then come to Siquijor – the “Isle of Fire” or “Isla del Fuego”. It is called Isla del Fuego due to abundance of fireflies inhabiting the island. Siquijor is not for the weak of spirit and the faint of heart as this island is always associated with phenomena that even science cannot explained.

Siquijor like the famous Boracay has natural white sand beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water and a treasure of coral reefs.


Caramoan Peninsula


Photo source: The Joys Of Journeying

Used to be a hidden paradise of beautiful islands, the Caramoan Peninsula gained popularity after it was featured in the international franchises of Survivor including Survivor-Serbia, Survivor-Israel, Survivor-Bulgaria, Survivor-France and Survivor-Sweden. Caramoan was chosen for its coconut trees, powdery sands and wild nature. Designated as one of the Philippines’ National Parks, you can do several activities in Caramoan like swimming, spelunking, snorkeling, diving, bird watching and firefly watching.


Siargao Islands


Photo source: Siargao Islands

Siargao is composed of forty eight islands and islets and has the largest mangrove forest reserve in the Philippines. Siargao island has winds and currents coming from the Pacific Ocean that are strengthened by the Mindanao current in the East running through the Siargao Strait – the reason why Siargao became the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

Surfers would love riding Siargao’s “Cloud 9”, the best surfing wave that is known worldwide to have thick, hollow tubes. A national and international surfing competition is held every year called Siargao Cup for surfers to ride the right breaking reef wave.




Photo source: Panay Lakbay

Batanes Province located in the northernmost part of the Philippines is composed of ten islands. Considered the smallest province in terms of population and land area, Batanes has lovely rolling hills and majestic mountains that occupy half of its land. Batanes is reminiscent of Scotland or Ireland not just in its hills and surrounding waters rich in the rarest coral reefs and marine life, but its four seasons as well. It is the only place in the Philippines to experience winter every year with temperature as low as 7 degrees centigrade.

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