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Alden Richards Just Posted His First Ever Photo With Yaya Dub… And It Resulted Into 22 Million Tweets!

Alden Richards posted a photo on Instagram of his first ever photo with Yaya Dub and it pretty much resulted in more than 150,000 Instagram likes and the accompanying hashtag #ALDubEBforLove resulted in more than 22 million tweets!

He actually posted 2 photos, one after another. The first photo was a letter that Yaya Dub gave him and this was a message that he posted on Instagram: “Upon reading this letter, mas nakilala kita. You’re a beautiful person inside and out Meng. Maraming salamat sa message mo. TULOY ANG FOREVER!!!”


The second photo was their first ever photo together… Kilig to the max! Check out the viral photo below:


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