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James Reid And Nadine Lustre FINALLY Said “I Love You” To Each Other… OMG


The followers of James Reid(Clark) and Nadine Lustre (Leah) can’t contain their feelings of giddiness and enjoyment as they watched the scene of “On the Wings of Love” last night, wherein Clark made Leah’s dream prom become a reality.

The two creative Directors, Jojo Saguin and Antoinette Jadaone, came up with an impressive idea wherein Clark and Leah got to share their first prom dance together in a mock-up hall setting much to the delight of avid Jadine fans.
In the previous episode, both Clark and Leah, finally admitted and confessed their feelings to each other and also revealed how they both did not get the chance to experience the Prom night back in high school, citing their own personal reasons but mostly due to poverty.

At this point, Clark (James Reid), came up with a brilliant idea on how to celebrate the approval and release of Leah’s green card – he decided to organize for Leah (Nadine Lustre), the prom of her dreams which she can no doubt cherish for the rest of her life. This brilliant effort even included Clark learning how to play the keyboard which actually reminded Leah to recall one of her first ever heartaches.

The episode culminated with Clark discovering that Leah’s boyfriend in the Philippines is planning to give her a pleasant surprise and will be coming over to America primarily to visit her and win her heart.

During the scene last night from “On the Wings of Love,” Leah, after getting her green card, started relentlessly looking for a job.

Unfortunately, Leah to her disappointment, was not lucky enough in her first attempt as a green card holder to land a job that she was hoping for. Clark, ever the gentleman, tried to cheer up Leah by buying a television set as a moral support to enable her to watch some of the films she missed seeing.

Clark and Leah watched a movie together but in the middle of the film, Clark fell asleep and softly uttered “I love you” much to Leah’s surprise. Leah then longingly looked at Clark and responded by saying: “I love you too.”


The romantic drama series, “ On the Wings of Love” is being telecast weeknights after “Pangako Sa Yo” and directors Antoinette Jadaone and Jojo Saguin are always giving us a lot of pleasant surprises every episode of the teleserye much to the delight of fans and followers of James and Nadine.

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