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Here Are The Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines… Hello Nightmares!

Even though the Philippines has a relatively low land mass, it is home to a lot of the scariest places in the world. A wide range of terrifying stories can be heard from anyone who has experienced haunting encounters with supernatural beings. Here are the top 10 most haunted places in the Philippines…enjoy!

The Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City

Diplomat Hotel-38206994

Photo source: Panoramio

This place is a favourite destination of thrill seekers because it is said that a lot of headless priests can be seen in this hotel and chilling cries of babies are also being heard. Apparently, at the height of WWII, this hotel was attacked by Japanese forces and a lot of priests along with babies were brutally killed. In 2012, this haunted building was renovated and renamed The Baguio Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park.

Teacher’s Camp in Baguio City

Teachers Camp-land_55

Photo source: Travel Book

This place is a popular location for school seminars and company meetings, among others. This camp was built as a tent-city for teachers during the American era; however, it was turned into a battleground for the indigenous citizens of Baguio. Legend has it that the warriors who have lost their lives in this camp have never left.

Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City

Philippine Military Academy PMA Baguio

Photo source: TraVex Travels

In this place phantom platoons can be seen and heard marching on the grounds. Aside from that, ghosts of uniformed men can also be seen in this building.

Balete Drive in New Manila, Quezon City

thepinoywarrior balete drive

Photo source: The Pinoy Warrior

This street is known to be the home of a ‘white lady’ who hails taxi cabs in the middle of the night, rides for a short while, then mysteriously disappears. The ‘white lady’ was purportedly a rape victim that was brutally dumped in the street. Furthermore, the poorly lit street with numerous balete trees lined up on its edges has been known to be the home of supernatural beings. Having said that, a lot of people avoid driving and passing by in this street.

Manila Film Centre in Pasay City

Manila Film Centre-7632020

Photo source: History of Architecture

When this building was still under construction during the reign of President Ferdinand Marcos, an accident happened—the upper floor collapsed that propelled workers to fall into the freshly laid concrete below…burying them alive. Such a tragedy indeed, but, because the workers are beating a deadline for an upcoming festival, Imelda Marcos, the First Lady, commanded the workers to leave the dead bodies buried inside the cement and just cover it with another layer of cement. People who have experienced paranormal activities in this place heard the walls talk because of the people that were buried alive.

UP Los Baños Campus

UP Los Banos-45_37a06e4a72d6cb27621f1ed829bbee81_m-940x400

Photo source: University of the Philippines

This school campus not only witnessed the merciless killings that occurred during WWII; it is also located at the foot of the mysterious Mount Makiling. Indeed, a good combination for creepy and supernatural occurrences rolled into one! Locals say that they see ‘kapre’ (a tree demon with human characteristics) at night. The campus also has bridges that appear a lifetime to cross during night time. It is also the home to the infamous Baker Hall—a former Japanese war camp—where spirits of garrotted prisoners appear.

Clark Air Base Hospital in Pampanga


Photo source: Haunted America Tours

During the WWII, Clark Air Base Hospital served as a place of refuge for dying and wounded American soldiers; thus, it is no surprise why it is being haunted by restless spirits. This establishment has been dubbed by the Ghost Hunters International as “one of the most haunted places in the world”. Documented paranormal activities range from unexplained shadows to violent spirit voices.

Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila

Fort Santiago-51210777

Photo source: Panoramio

This establishment has played a part in the history of the Philippines since it was built in 1593. Used as a base for the US Army in 1898, the fort was captured by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.  And when the Americans raided the Japanese in 1945 and seized back the fort, thousands died when the city turned into ashes. During night time, ghost soldiers are seen to patrol at night on top of the actual guards on duty. As soon as night falls, screams of tortured and persecuted people are said to echo throughout the walled city.

Ozone Disco in Quezon City


Photo source: Haunted America Tours

In March 18, 1996, the Ozone Disco was swallowed up by an enormous fire and killed 160 people—mostly teenagers—and left 95 others seriously injured. To date, the Ozone Disco tragedy remains the most horrible fire accident in Philippine history. To this day, people still claim to hear heavy music beatings and muffled voices from the deserted building. Moreover, ghostly figures are also seen as dancing under the moonlight.

Malacañang Palace in Metro Manila


Photo source: Bēhance

Malacañang Palace has been the home to Philippines’ presidents since the reign of President Manuel Quezon. Having said that, this building has indeed withstood the test of time and there are a lot of hair-raising and spine-chilling stories that can be heard from witnesses. Apparently, the spirits of Quezon and Magsaysay have been sighted inside the palace. Other paranormal creatures that can be seen inside the building are the black lady of Mabini Hall, the ghost of an American chaplain named Father Brown, a kapre, and more.

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