10 Pinoy Celebrity Diet Secrets That You DEFINITELY Need To Know About!

Ideally, celebrities must always look good in front of the public because they’re looked at as role models. Consequently, people tend to follow how they look and what they do; thus, it is imperative that they would exert an ample amount of effort in projecting a killer body look. Aside from that, in order to acquire a lot of movie projects, celebrities must maintain a good figure. Their physical look is an investment so they must take utmost care of their bodies. As a result, they adopt certain diet schemes in order to keep fit and look attractive. Here are the top 10 celebrity diet secrets of Philippine celebrities.

Anti-Plateau Diet


Photo source: Huffington Post

This diet secret has been the talk of the town because it has been sworn to be effective by Georgina Wilson and Raymond Gutierrez. It allows the person to eat rice but refrain from taking in wheat, preservatives or dairy products. Georgina enjoys the Anti-Plateau Diet because according to her, “It doesn’t feel like a diet because the food is so tasty. It’s like having my own personal chef preparing meals for me!”

The Sexy Chef Diet

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Photo source: Rappler

Most Pinoy celebrities tap the services of the well-renowned Sexy Chef. It is a restaurant that offers healthy and nutritious foods that are still palatable and not to mention affordable. It is owned and operated by celebrity sisters Rachel and Barni Alejandro. They are known to deliver fresh, healthy and wholesome meals all over Metro Manila that cost between Php70 and Php185. They also offer party catering packages.

South Beach Diet


Photo source: Brand Channel

After having gained around 40 pounds of baby weight, Asia’s Songbird—Regine Velazquez-Alcasid, was into South Beach Diet. This diet program was able to help her bring her weight down by 12 pounds after giving birth to baby Nathaniel.

Cohen Diet

Cohen-diet-JUDAY BEA

Photo source: Random Republika

This is one of the most expensive diet secrets which celebrities have that guarantee rapid weight loss. As a result, the person who wants to venture into Cohen Diet must be generally healthy to withstand the intense fat-burning mechanism that the body will undergo. This diet program is the reason behind Judy Ann Santos’s and Bea Alonzo’s body beautiful figure.

Low-Carb Diet


Photo source: Sweat Like A Pig

Model and actress Solenn Heusaff revealed to celebrity columnist, Ricky Lo, that she shuns deep fried foods, artificial juices, sweets and soft drinks. Instead, she dwells on steamed fish, veggies, chicken and freshly squeezed juices minus the sugar.

Plyometrics Workout

This is the kind of workout training being adopted by the half-Filpino, half-French commercial model, Solenn Heussaff, as she unravels her diet secrets to Philippine Star. This exercise regimen involves slow movements that increase muscular strength, mass, speed, power and explosiveness.



Photo source: The City of Maryville

Child star, Billy Crawford, and weather newscaster, Kim Atienza, admitted that they lost weight because of triathlon. Triathlon is a three-fold exercise of swimming, biking and running.

Insanity Workout


Photo source: Ceriwis

The former Darna star, Angel Locsin, admitted to PEP that she has been doing the Insanity Workout in order to get back into shape. This kind of fitness regimen is an extreme home workout program that will definitely push you to your limits.

Yoga and Juju Cleanse


Photo source: Juju Cleanse

Multi-awarded and multi-talented actress, Anne Curtis, said that she enjoys doing Yoga because it relaxes her. On top of Yoga, she regularly goes to the gym, do a 15-minute run, eats low-carb foods, among others. She also admitted that she tried Juju Cleanse to detoxify her body from all the toxins.

Sexy Solutions by the Belo Medical Group


Photo source: Mommy Earns

Sexy Solutions is a subsidiary of the Belo Medical Group and is under the management of Cristalle Bello. This fitness program is non-invasive and holistic in nature with the use of the latest machines and equipment that melt the fat, tone the muscles, and tighten the skin, among others. Famous celebrity endorsers are Raymond Guttierez and Georgina Wilson.

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