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The BIG Reveal: Is it Finally Over Between Jessy Mendiola And JM De Guzman??


There’s been a nasty gossip floating around confirming that it’s over between Jessy Mendiola and JM De Guzman following a chain of cryptic Instagram posts by De Guzman which coincided with the unexpected incident when Jessy Mendiola was embroiled in a fracas with fellow actor Enrique Gil during the September 4 flight with some Kapamilya stars on the way to London.

De Guzman actually shared with his followers last Tuesday, a sketch of Jessy with the inscription: “I don’t draw. Finding it hard to remember the last time you smiled. Thank you [Jessy Mendiola] for everything.”

The gossip about their breakup emanated from a series of protracted notes De Guzman posted on his Instagram page, where he pondered about heartache, love, and online critics.

Here is the cryptic messaged De Guzman posted about Mendiola on his Instagram account: “We think to forget. we seek to connect, we risk to be felt but in the end we… We resist but don’t try mistakes we regret. We all try to collect the right words to describe how and what is love. A never ending quest, how love can put us to test. As far as I can see… a life without love is like a song without words and melody. Sometimes we are just too blind to feel, Cause we are…Too deaf to see. Or is it the other way around. too fucked up to THINK. That there’s no such thing as a misplaced heart, just a damaged part we refuse to admit, fake it and not face it, so we can breathe easy, be happy Just like we settle to be temporary not to be ordinary where we can feel the extraordinary…Makes me wonder.. Thinking.”

When Maria Mercedes star Jessy Mendiola was asked to comment about the issue, she vehemently denied the rumour of her breakup with De Guzman.

Jessy spoke with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe and she admitted that she is still in a relationship with her boyfriend De Guzman. However, she politely declined to give a more detailed interview about her relationship with him.

Nuff said.

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