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The Most Anticipated Kiss Between James Reid And Nadine Lustre FINALLY Happened Last Night… OMG


The most anticipated first real kiss between James Reid as Clark to Nadine Lustre as Leah in the hit teleserye “On the Wings of Love” finally happened last night and it’s no surprise that its trending worldwide.

The viewers and fans of the Jadine love team experienced excitement and giddiness as they finally got to witness Clark gently land his first real kiss to Leah as he lifted her up on the air. Awwww…..

At long last, the fans were not disappointed as their expectations were fully met and satisfied. The first kiss happened not only once but nine times! The tweet #OTWOLMOSTAPPROVEDKISS has already reached more than two million tweets and even became the top trending topic not just in Twitter but also in YouTube.

James and Nadine were totally overwhelmed with the exceptional response and positive feedback that they are receiving for their show and it was evident when they visited London to perform in “ASAP.”

James said during the interview that the fans of “On the Wings of Love” finally recognized them as Clark and Leah in the trending teleserye. Nadine added that their fans no longer call them as Nadine and James but instead Leah and Clark, their popular romantic drama moniker.

One of their fans who happened to be a Grandma, admitted that she can’t wait to watch the latest episode of their show almost every night and she even sleeps late all the time just to follow her favourite show.

In the meantime, James Reid and Nadine Lustre will entertain their fans during the official launching of their Scrapbook today, September 19 and they’ll get the opportunity to thank their fans and supporters during this event.

The scenes in “On the Wings of Love” are getting hotter and more exciting by the minute and we can’t wait to see how it all ends up for Clark and Leah in the end.

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