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Nadine Lustre And James Reid Are Once Again Starring In A New Series Called “Till I Met You”

After the successful stint of their “On The Wings Of Love” tandem that brought kilig factor to the masses, avid fans of über love team [...]

Is Nadine Lustre Ready For A Sexy Pictorial??

Is Nadine Lustre Ready For A Sexy Pictorial?? Nadine Lustre is currently dominating and is actually now ahead of her closest rival Jessy Men [...]

James Reid And Nadine Lustre’s Private Moment Was Just Caught On Camera… OMG

James Reid and Nadine Lustre aka “Jadine” was in the middle of a private moment when someone managed to take photos of them. In this pho [...]

It’s Official: James Reid And Nadine Lustre Just Announced That They Are Finally A Couple!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are one of today’s hottest love teams and they’ve finally announced something that the fans have be [...]

The 4 Hottest Love Teams Participated In This Year’s MMFF Parade But The Crowd Went NUTS Over ALDUB!

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka AlDub to the rest of the world have once again shown just how powerful their love team is. The hottest [...]

Nadine Lustre Just Helped An Avid Fan Kick-Start Her Own Business… WHOA

Sometimes luck will knock at your door when you least expected it. This is exactly what is happening to one of Nadine Lustre’s ardent fan [...]

Nadine Lustre Just Posted A Disturbing Message On Her Instagram Account. Prepare To Be Shocked!

Nadine Lustre, the pretty actress and lead star of the romantic drama series, “On The Wings Of Love,” is again at the centre of attentio [...]

James Reid And Nadine Lustre FINALLY Said “I Love You” To Each Other… OMG

The followers of James Reid(Clark) and Nadine Lustre (Leah) can’t contain their feelings of giddiness and enjoyment as they watched the sc [...]

The Most Anticipated Kiss Between James Reid And Nadine Lustre FINALLY Happened Last Night… OMG

The most anticipated first real kiss between James Reid as Clark to Nadine Lustre as Leah in the hit teleserye “On the Wings of Love” fi [...]

Finally! Here Are The MOST Kilig Moments From ‘On the Wings of Love’… OMG

Its official: The “most kilig” episode of the hit TV series “On the Wings of Love” has finally arrived and it defini [...]
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