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It’s Official: Jollibee Is Coming To Australia In 2017… OMG


Who’s ready to eat fried chicken breakfasts, tuna pies and pancake sandwiches for breakfasts??

Late last month Jollibee’s vice-president of international markets Dennis Flores announced that Jollibee is looking to expand into Australia and Europe.

Flores confirmed the big news during a speech at the 17th Asia Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition. He said “currently, we are present in two, and in the next two years we will see Jollibee in four continents… We are doing our best to open our first stores in the UK and Italy next year, and soon in Australia and Japan. We will continue our journey with Jollibee as a truly global brand.”

Flores said Jollibee now had over 3,000 stores across its restaurant brands. The Jollibee chain alone has 1,000 stores, of which 130 are outside the Philippines.

Here’s what Aussies can expect to eat when Jollibee finally arrives in Australia – Yummm…

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