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Nadine Lustre Just Helped An Avid Fan Kick-Start Her Own Business… WHOA


Sometimes luck will knock at your door when you least expected it. This is exactly what is happening to one of Nadine Lustre’s ardent fan and certified follower of “On The Wings Of Love”.

Lanie works as a nanny and she revealed that her life story is similar to that of Leah’s, which is one of the main characters played by actress Nadine Lustre in the popular teleserye “On The Wings Of Love”.

In the teleserye “OTWOL” tells a story of how Lea was left behind by her mom who decided to try her luck in America, while Lanie on the other hand was deserted by her father, and eventually had another family of his own to look after.

At the tender age of 16, Lanie has already experienced a lot of challenges in life, struggling to survive on a day to day existence which appears to resemble a melodrama in television.
To be able to help her mom, she decided to find a job away from her family in Apayao by working as a nanny in order to send money to her mother.

Meanwhile, broadcast journalist, Karen Davila shot an episode in “My Puhunan” for the purpose of helping Lanie to succeed in changing her life for the better and assisting her in achieving her goals.

The lucky girl, Lanie is now within reach of her dreams of giving her family a better future with the aid of Nadine herself, who gave Lanie a big surprise in “My Puhunan.”


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