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It’s Official: Kris Aquino Is Actually Quitting Showbiz… OMG


Kris Aquino gave a detailed and lengthy explanation the reason behind her unexpected decision, after disclosing on her Instagram account that she will in no time go on a break from her showbiz career.

Kris said that after working in the showbiz industry for twenty years non-stop, she felt that the time has come for her to leave showbiz for now and see what will happen in the future.

She revealed: “I’m not like my sisters, they’re all happily married, they have kids who are all grown up. But me, I have an eight-year-old and I have a special child. You know, the stress adds up when I worry about what will happen to them if anything happens to me.”

In spite of the fact that she has nothing to worry with the results of her executive check-up last September, Kris is convinced that her present health conditions are attributed to her stressful work environment.

She recounted: “My results are all good. It’s just pagod and stress—I’m really just tired and stressed out. You know, when I tape, for instance, for four straight days, you can be sure that my BP will go up! So, it’s really all pagod.”

Kris also said that the negative publicity she read on social media add to her trepidation.

She continued: “You cannot imagine the stress of being bashed every day, of people making comments every day about how you look, what you said, what your brother did. I have to take it every day. Nobody knows how that feels.”

“The very thing that makes you a success is the very thing that will make you sick,” she pondered.

However, Kris Aquino thanked the Management of ABS-CBN for respecting her decision to leave the Kapamilya network for the time being and really appreciated their gesture of being considerate and understanding of her situation.

“I have to say that I’m grateful to ABS-CBN for giving me all the opportunities. But, I really have to stay healthy for my kids. What will happen to them when I’m gone?” she remarked.

Nevertheless, Aquino insinuated that she is still contemplating of returning to her showbiz career in the future.

Kris implied: “I just said I will rest. You know, one can rest for just three months! My ate was telling me, ‘You know, you can come back. You’re not leaving na you’re a nobody. You can still come back.”

Kris Aquino posted on her Instagram account on Thursday, foretelling that it’s her last taping day for her morning show “Kris TV,” which will air its last episode ultimately on March 23.

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