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Cristine Reyes Just Called Vivian Velez A Liar… Hoo Boy, Get Ready!


The alluring star of the soap opera “ Tubig at Langis, Cristine Reyes has denied the allegations of veteran actress, Vivian Velez, protecting herself and calling Vivian a “liar” based on Velez’ previous statements about the incident that happened between them.

Cristine said in an interview that she did not demand for Vivian Velez to be thrown out of the dressing room that they shared together while shooting an episode of “Tubig at Langis” drama series.

Reyes said: “Lilinawin ko lang po na wala akong pinapaalis na kahit sino sa dressing room — kahit sinong kasama ko hindi ko ho iyon gagawin,” she continued, “And gusto ko rin linawin iyong resignation niya sa show because of me was a big lie because she found already na papatayin iyong character niya sa soap namin.”

Velez in a burst of anger and exasperation posted on social media claiming that Cristine embarrassed her which propelled her decision to file an “immediate irrevocable resignation” from the soap opera “Tubig at Langis,”where they appear together.

However, Cristine said that the main reason Vivian was being kicked out of the show was because of various complaints from the production staff regarding her conduct – it was eventually decided that Vivian will be axed from her role as a mother in the teleserye, “Tubig at Langis.”

Cristine remarked: “It saddens me that I’m being used in this particular situation of hers. Sana if ever na mag-settle na lahat ng emotions niya ay maisip niya at ma-realize niya na we all know the truth… Hindi ko naiintindihan kung saan nanggagaling ang galit sa akin ni Ms. Vivian. I really don’t understand.”

The production team of the soap opera has already refuted Vivian’s claims that she has been receiving poor treatment from Cristine for about a month now and that Cristine has been repeatedly banging at her door and even yelling at her causing her to feel insulted and humiliated.

Nevertheless, Vivian disregarded the disclosure of the production team branding it as a simple “white washing” of the incident.

Cristine in her defence said: “Para sa akin, hindi naman ako para pagtakpan kung mayroon akong kasalan talaga, I’m pretty sure kung mayroon akong kasalanan, hindi ako para pagtakpan ng management… Magiging transparent sila kung sino ang nasa tama.”

Cristine wants to apologize if she offended Vivian when she sang Avril Lavigne’s “Goodbye,” it was her way of releasing the pressure and be relaxed on the set. She’s hoping too, that Velez will admit to her lies.

Reyes said: “I apologize for that and that’s it. Honestly, we were all joking about her on-set. And we’re sorry for that but you know dala lang iyon ng pressure sa work to make everything light.

Kasi masyado nang mainit sa set, masyado nang maraming issues so we just wanted it to be fun on the set but then si Ms. Vivian is very hot-headed sometimes.”

Cristine also revealed that she is reluctant to forgive Velez for her “lies”…..”they just backed me up because it’s just not true.”

Meanwhile, Vivian has already said goodbye to the soap “Tubig at Langis”.

Playing the character of Conching in the soap opera, Vivian posted on her Instagram account last Saturday, a sneak peek of how Conching died in the series.

Vivian wrote in her inscription: “My sincerest love to the staff of ABS-CBN show ‘Tubig at Langis’ for your heartfelt send-off on my last taping day. I was deeply moved by your actions, kind words, and encouragement.”

She continued: “I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I am very confident that this is no exception. In an imperfect world, we must often pause once in a while to enjoy the small things in life that give us joy, happiness, and contentment in life. This will be a brief pause, until we meet again.”

Vivian’s latest post was quite contradictory to the statement she wrote on her Facebook account last Tuesday, after her concluding act on the set of “Tubig at Langis.” She wrote: “I’m taping my last scenes in the series right now and I feel like I’m walking in the lion’s den.”

We sincerely hope that all is well and will end well for both Cristine Reyes and Vivian Velez.

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