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Zsa Zsa Padilla Just Revealed that She Called Off Her Engagement To Architect Onglao


Zsa Zsa Padilla has cancelled her engagement with partner, Architect Conrad Onglao in an unexpected twist of circumstance as confirmed last Tuesday by her daughter Karylle Yuzon.

Karylle revealed to the reporters during her campaign Sally for a presidential aspirant that her Mother Zsa Zsa and Conrad have broken-up their relationship and requested the media to allow her mother to recover as Padilla is currently undergoing healing process.

Karylle said: “May mga moments katulad nito na kailangan lang maging private.”

When asked about the source of the break-up, she politely declined to disclose a more detailed information and remarked: “I’ll leave it to my mom to explain.”

If we can recall back sometime in March, Zsa Zsa Padilla admitted and informed the reporters that she’s on the planning stage of her nuptial with architect Onglao and very likely that it would ensue this year.

Zsa Zsa divulged that she prefers a simple and intimate wedding ceremony, when she was asked during that time.

Zsa Zsa was married a long time ago to Karylle’s father, dentist Modesto Tatlonghari, but separated in 1987 and eventually she became a partner of the late actor, comedian Dolphy while Conrad Onglao was formerly married to interior designer Ivy Almario and have two sons. Subsequently, the couple were divorced in the United States and acquired a legal separation and nullification of marriage by the church in the Philippines.

Zsa Zsa and Conrad surprised their friends and a lot of people when they decided to split, knowing that they’re supposed to get married in Florence, Italy before the end of 2016. She sent a short but meaningful message related to her relationship with Onglao which she later confirmed that it was over between them.

The actress-singer through her handler, released a brief statement before the media on May 3, saying: “We tried. It didn’t work out.”

Aside from Zsa Zsa’s confirmation of the split and Karylle’s statement, no other details were revealed by the two about the real issue and reasons of the break-up.

The only thing that the media know is that, Zsa Zsa Padilla already left the residence of Conrad Onglao at San Lorenzo Village in Makati and she’s now back to her house with the late partner comedy king Dolphy in Marina, Paranaque City.

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