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Angel Locsin Just Revealed That She Prefers The JaDine Loveteam Over KathNiel


Angel Locsin explained her stand on why she chose the loveteam of JaDine over KathNiel as her favourite romantic pair when one of the netizens asked her via Instagram who’s her most-liked love team among the popular teen stars.

The said netizen asked a point blank question to Angel: “Di ka ba fan ng Kathniel? Eh sila yung OTP [one true pair] at naka-inspire na couple. Mula noon hanggang ngayon sila pa rin at napaka-gentleman at protective ni DJ na wala sa ibang babae, unlike sa OTP mo. I know di ka fan ng KathNiel dahil di sila umamin.”

However, Angel revealedthe real reason on why she favoured JaDine instead of KathNiel by replying: “Ang tanong sa akin, real-life couple.”

The sexy “Pilipinas Got Talent” judge revealed that she’s still skeptical whether Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla already admitted if they are in a relationship, thus the reason why Angel decided to choose JaDine loveteam.

Actually, Angel pragmatically commended KathNiel, admitting that she enjoyed watching their teleserye Got To Believe which she likes a lot.

Apparently, the netizen replied back and mentioned that JaDine fans are saying that JaDine is really the “favorite loveteam” of the beautiful actress instead of KathNiel.

Locsin once again answered back to clarify her stand: “Ahh. Yes, I like Jadine. I also like other team ups, like KathNiel. Pero akala ko ang tanong ay real-life couple. Hindi pa ata pwede sila kasi bata pa.

At this point, we are hopeful that the disclosure of Angel Locsin resolved the query of the netizen on her stand of why she chose JaDine as her favourite loveteam.

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