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Shaina Magdayao Actually Admits To Being A Fan Of Maine Mendoza


Shaina Magdayao finally responded to the remark that she and Maine Mendoza bear some resemblance to each other.

This comparison occurred during the preceding segment of the highly rated noontime show Eat Bulaga’s “All for Juan, Juan for All,” when the “Sugod Bahay” lucky winner commented: “Kamukha ka ni Shaina. Si Shaina Magdayao, kamukha mo.”

Maine Mendoza responded with a jest: “Kapag po naaksidente. Shaina-ng naaksidente.”


Eventually, Shaina was tagged on her Instagram account with the uploaded segment of the show and she responded by reposting it on her Instagram profile with a message: “Pag naaksidente? Uy hindi namaaaan! I’m actually a fan 🙂 of your wit, humor and beauty.”

The observation that Shaina Magdayao has a similarity with Maine Mendoza is not new to Shaina and she’s just smiling at the comments of netizens in the social media.

Even Pops Fernandez was not spared of being compared to Maine of their resemblance as well and Pops simply welcomed it with a cheerful reply.


Meanwhile, Rochelle Pangilinan reacted to the negative comments of her followers on her Twitter account and requested the netizens to avoid such unsavory remarks.

Rochelle reminded her followers on her Twitter account to refrain from giving undesirable remarks against Maine and sent a message: “Kaya sya blessed ay dahil mabait syang tao.” She added: “Mahalin ang kapwa, guys.”

The former Sex Bomb dancer earned a tirade of criticism when she first posted on her Twitter account wherein she re-tweeted the old post of Maine Mendoza dated March 14, 2010 with Maine expressing her dismay towards the long-running series “Daisy Siete” with Rochelle playing the starring role. Maine tweeted: “May Daisy Siete papala. Nakakatawa! Puro ka jologsan ng Sexbomb. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck!”

Various reactions were received by the lone tweet both from her fans and bashers attracting positive and negative responses.

The series which lasted for 6 years, began airing on September 1, 2003 and culminated on July 2, 2010 without officially notifying the viewers.

At first, Rochelle doubted the authenticity of Maine’s old post in 2010 because the media accounts of the Dubsmash Queen were hacked a number of times. However, in her succeeding post the sexy dancer commented that if Maine really tweeted, she doesn’t mind and simply shrugged off her shoulder saying, “Dedma,” practically ignoring what was posted by Mendoza.

Anything goes in the showbiz circle, it’s like a vicious cycle but at the end of the day peace and harmony still prevail.

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