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Daniel Padilla Swore Live At Some Hecklers During His Iligan Concert (Yes, You Read Right)


Teen idol Daniel Padilla is again at the centre of controversy when his viral video has circulated on the social media showing him agitated while performing a song on the stage at Ilagan City, Isabela. A netizen by the name of Kenneth Talosig Ringor IV uploaded on Facebook, Padilla’s video singing “Hinahanap-Hanap Kita,” when at the height of his performance he approached a security personnel saying something and then directed the guard’s attention towards a portion of the crowd at the left hand side.

Afterwards, as he was walking to the other end of the stage, he was heard uttering, “Oh ano, asan na kayo? gago pala (kayo).”

Daniel evidently was annoyed by the heckling of fans who don’t seem to like him and obviously distracted him a lot during his personal appearance in Isabela.

Anyone is vulnerable at one time or so to encounter unpleasant and unexpected incident whether an individual is a celebrity or not and Padilla was not spared of such experience.

Donchi Reyes who also uploaded the same video on You Tube said:

“According to several witnesses, a group of rude boys on the left part of the stage called Daniel names and even showed him the ‘middle finger’ while he’s performing.”

Daniel’s mom, Karla Estrada later posted on her Instagram account a depiction coupled with the quote: “THERE’S A TIME TO BE A NICE PERSON AND THERE’S A TIME TO SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

Karla also disagreed with the allegation that her son, teen heartthrob Daniel Padilla suddenly left his act in frustration after the heckling incident from a group of rude audience.

She said:  “It is not true. Tinapos niya iyong show. Kumanta siya ng maayos kasi bale wala naman iyon.”

Karla Estrada also revealed that her son was not troubled by the heckling experience.

Estrada clarified: “Bilang nanay, automatic sa iyo na ipagtatanggol mo ang anak mo pero hangga’t okay si Daniel, hangga’t relaxed lang siya, hangga’t ayaw niyang patulan ang lahat ng ito, eh okay lang ako.”

She requested as well to be considerate of her son’s situation and appealed for respect as she professed that hecklers are a common occurrence at their concerts.

“Sa aming mga artista, nakaka-experience talaga kami ng ganoon,” she remarked. “Ako nga sa edad kong ito, mayroon pa ngang [nambabastos] — hindi mo naman kasi mapipigilan.”

“Iba-iba timpla, iba-iba ang tao pero siyempre ingat lang tayo. Lahat kasi ng hindi natin ginagawang maganda, may balik iyan sa iyo.”

The palpable reason was not clear on why Daniel was heckled by the insolent crowd who watched the concert causing him to lose his temper.

Speculation ran rife that it has something to do with Daniel’s support to presidential candidate Mar Roxas at the height of his election campaign.

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