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Elisse Joson Just Revealed That Pinoy Big Brother Made Her A Much Better Person


Dubbed as the “hugot girl,” Elisse Joson, one of the hopeful winners of the popular ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 housemate, revealed on her Instagram account just how she is thankful that she got the opportunity to enter into the Pinoy Big Brother’s house. It’s a dream come true for Elisse who made it this time after she failed to make it in last year’s batch of PBB housemates.

She said: “It has always been a dream to be a part of Pinoy Big Brother. I tried last year and failed. Now I was given the chance to fulfill my dreams.”

Mindful that her personal life is most likely to be scrutinized, she disclosed that she’s ready under any circumstances to face the challenges that she will encounter inside the big brother’s house.

Ellise remarked: “Hinanda ko po ang sarili ko sa kung ano man ang pwedeng mangyari. Sa pagpasok ko po, maraming bumatikos sa aking pagkatao, marami rin naman pong nagmahal at sumuporta sa kung ano man ako.”

She revealed that she discovered herself more and learned a lot of things in life by way of interacting with her housemates inside the PBB house, which brought her joy and learned to become a stronger person.

Ellise remarked: “Masayang-masaya po ako sa paglalakbay ko. Marami akong natutunan sa buhay at lalo na sa sarili ko.”

She continued: “Naging mas matatag akong tao ngayon.”

Ellise is the charming lady who was dubbed as the “hugot girl” on a viral ad that made her popular who’s trying to overcome the sad experience from several break-ups with her previous relationships.

She made the admission during her stay inside the big brother’s house, regarding the three “Js” who brought despair to her heart, which gave her the reason why she could not easily trust any individual, particularly the guys.

Nevertheless, these episodes in her life enabled her to become a better person and more resilient to face anything that will come her way.

Essentially, she learned an important lesson in life by saying that: “Love is something you give to someone you fully trust. Not your all, but your best.”

One of the three “Js” being mentioned by Ellise was actor Jerome Ponce, who was granted the opportunity to enter the Pinoy Big Brother’s house to patch things up with his erstwhile girlfriend.

Eventually, the much-anticipated interaction between the two came to reality with Jerome told Ellise that his love and affection for her still remain in his heart, explicating that he had to keep their affair secret to avoid any negative repercussions related to his showbiz career as a new comer.

Ellise who looked beautiful in her velvet dress, initially feeling uncomfortable in their encounter after the break-up, eventually gained her composure, and said: “I’m okay now. I’m trying to make you understand that it’s not the same before. Kung before ito nangyari, I would be happy. The thing is, it is different now. Things have changed. Wala na.”

The former Ellise who used to be more emotional is now an epitome of a woman who discovered herself to become a better person, had found the courage to leave her past behind, start anew and ready to face the challenges ahead of her stronger and smarter.

Jerome Ponce realized his mistake and knew that it was over between them, when Ellise Joson said “Bye,” as she walked away from him.

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