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The Verdict On Bea And Gerald’s “How To Be Yours”: Is It Worth Your Time And Money??


The first movie team-up of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson continues to earn rave reviews from fans who have watched the show as they felt the intense kilig factor after watching the film “How To Be Yours.”

The film is centred on two ambitious individuals who are both determined to succeed in life whatever the cost may be. Both are also searching for a happy love life.

The film “How To Be Yours” focusses on two persons who have a lot of differing opinions and beliefs yet still manage to discover themselves and develop feelings for each other ignoring all their differences no matter how complicated their lives are.

The story revolves around two aspiring persons, Anj is portrayed by Bea Alonso and Gerald Anderson played the character of Niño.

Niño works as a sales agent with a simple aspiration of stability in life, while Anj is a budding self-educated cook whose ambition is to become a professional chef one day working on a high-end restaurant.

Niño’s priority is his career with love as just secondary. That is, until he stumbled upon Anj who eventually forced and pushed him to re-examine his priorities in life. While Anj continues to flourish in her profession, Niño finds it hard to cope with the success that Anj is reaping in her job.

The romantic scenes of the erstwhile lovers, Bea and Gerald obviously sent excitement to the viewers who watched the movie, revealing their beautiful chemistry on-screen. The pair is quite comfortable with each other due to the fact that they had a past romance.

Versatile actress, Bea Alonzo and action-drama actor Gerald Anderson both gave justice in the portrayal of their individual roles acting so naturally without exerting too much effort on the heavy dramatic scenes.

The good thing about the movie is that the moral of the story depicts the reality of being in a relationship and how to handle it appropriately. The movie also focusses on how to overcome the challenging situation of being embroiled in an awkward situation and then prevailing over it with the right judgement and decision that will be beneficial to both.

The movie revolves around two kinds of people: First are those who choose their careers over love and second are the ones who have chosen love over their careers.

This movie will help you gain a deeper understanding on the meaning of self-sacrifice and unconditional love to achieve your goal of happiness and contentment both in love and career. It’s not easy but you need sheer hard work and determination to gain success in what you’re aiming for.

If you want to know more about true love, sacrifices and struggles to survive the relationship brought about by the change of priorities, then this movie is for you.

Directed by Dan Villegas, the film “How To Be Yours” is the first movie team-up of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson. It’s a great movie that’s definitely worth watching.

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