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Mayor Herbert Bautista’s Brother, Hero Bautista Apparently Tested Positive For Using Drugs


Quezon City 4th District Councilor Hero Bautista allegedly was tested positive during the drug test conducted by the Quezon City officials. However, the brother of Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has not released any statement yet regarding the issue of drug use.

The news is being spread around for a number of days now on the social media and tabloids alleging that former actor Hero Bautista was tested positive for using shabu and marijuana.

Hero is the younger brother of actor and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista who are both elected officials of Quezon City.

The drug test was carried out to all the Quezon City officials two weeks ago in accordance with the drug-free workplace ordinance of Quezon City.

The allegation of drug use by Councilor Bautista spread like wildfire on the social media although there was no official confirmation yet from the government agency who supervised the test.

Hero said that he will answer all the allegations aimed at him in a privilege speech that he prepared during the Quezon City council meeting on Monday, August 15.

Mayor Herbert Bautista revealed that he was hurt by the accusations that illegal drug usage is widespread in Quezon City.

According to the published report by a local newspaper, Mayor Bautista apparently admitted in one of the executive meetings last August 10 confirming that it was in fact his brother Hero who was the city official being reported to have a positive drug test result. The Quezon City mayor even said that he is ready to enter his brother Hero in a rehabilitation center.

However, the report also said that Mayor Herbert Bautista did not admit nor deny when asked about his revelation allegedly in an executive meeting regarding his brother Hero being tested positive in a drug test.

The spokesperson of Hero, city administrator Alvin Cuna also said that the people passed judgment prematurely against Councilor Bautista.

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