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Pia Wurtzbach Just Told Her Followers To Stop Bullying Jessy Mendiola


Dubbed by Esquire Philippines as the “Sexiest Woman Alive,” Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach strongly defended Jessy Mendiola against the bashers for condemning the beautiful actress with her previous remarks jesting and comparing herself to the reigning Miss Universe as the Philippines’ sexiest woman in 2016.

Pia told her followers to refrain from throwing their hate campaign against Jesse Mendiola who deserves the accolade that she received being named FHM Philippines’ “Sexiest Woman in the Country.”

She wrote on her Twitter account: “Seriously though, enough with the Jessy Mendiola hate. Confident Filipinas should be celebrated, not condemned.”

She added with a hashtag: “No to Body Shaming” and “No to Bullying.”

Jesse Mendiola has been earning a lot of criticisms lately after being voted by FHM Philippines as the “Sexiest Woman in the Country,” labeling her as unworthy, chubby and over confident for jesting that she beat Pia for the title as the sexiest woman in the Philippines.

The Miss Universe 2015 remarked that she did not consider Jessie’s wisecrack as offensive and annoying.

Pia elucidated on her Twitter account: “What I saw was a girl who was just really ecstatic to be given that recognition.” Congratulations, Jessy!”

However, after posting her support for Jessie Mendiola, the bashers did not stop from there in sending unsavory remarks inimical to the actress, particularly when Pia Wurtzbach was voted by Esquire Philippines as the “Sexiest Woman Alive.”

Subsequently, when Pia was named as the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Philippines, some followers of the Miss Universe 2015 again sent distasteful criticism against Mendiola on Facebook by saying:

“Sino nga iyong nagmamayabang na talo niya si Pia? Awkward.”

Another comment said: “Pahiya si Jessy sa halong biro kuno na sagot niya sa FHM.”

These offensive remarks and denunciations sent Jessy to react by changing her profile picture showing her defending her face wearing boxing gloves and posted an article illustrating that “body shaming” is a cruel practice and should be stopped.

The alluring actress also made it clear during the interview that it never enter into her mind to degrade the achievement of Pia Wurtzbach as the country’s third Miss Universe after Gloria Diaz in 1969 and Margarita Moran in 1973.

Mendiola just laughed off the criticisms hurled at her because she’s aware that her statement was simply misinterpreted by the followers of Pia Wurtzbach.

Jessie said:“Nung nabalitaan ko nga, natawa na lang ako na parang, ‘really?’ Ganoon niyo nakita iyon at narinig iyon? Wala naman akong sinabing sobrang sama para magalit yung taumbayan sa akin.”

She continued: “Para sa akin kasi, at that moment, nag-joke ako na ‘Shucks, talo ko pa si Pia sa trato sa akin ngayon.’ What I meant was ‘yung context na grabe ‘yung overwhelming feeling. Grabe ‘yung trato niyo sa akin bilang parang queen na din.”

Jessie Mendiola appreciates the concern demonstrated by Pia Wurtzbach who came to her defense because Pia knows that it was never the actress intention to discredit her.

The “Maria Mercedes” and “You’re My Home“star said: I asked some of my friends na friends din niya to extend my gratitude. Ang sweet nga niya to tweet that. Kung siya nga nakita niya as a joke ‘yun, bakit parang other people won’t see that as a joke?”

Meanwhile, Lea Salonga in her recent Facebook post, also stepped forward to Jessie’s defense.

She said: “For the record, I think Jessy Mendiola is one of the sexiest people I’ve ever cast my eyes on. It has less to do with her physique (which, by the way, is nothing to sneeze at) and more to do with how she carries herself. She could gain 20 pounds right now and my opinion of her wouldn’t change.”

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