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It’s Official: Lovi Poe And Rocco Nacino Have Broken Up


Lovi Poe is gradually shaping up following her recent breakup with ex-boyfriend Rocco Nacino after two good years of being in a relationship with the actor.

When she was asked concerning the condition of her heart, she calmly replied, “Happily beating. It’s still beating.”

Rocco recently confirmed the long standing rumor of his alleged split up with Lovi, eventually revealing the truth of the real status of their relationship.

For the first time he admitted about his breakup with Lovi.

He said: “Yeah! Obvious naman, e.”

Nonetheless, the actor declined to disclose the details of his split with the actress.

Rocco remarked: “Hindi na kailangang to go into details. It’s not for me to make kuwento, but… siguro hanggang dun na lang.”

Lovi just like the actor, refused to give the true details and the real cause of their breakup.

The actress-singer revealed: “It’s just that we have a very good relationship.

“Tapos, after two years of love and happiness, I guess it’s just time for us to grow separately, as individuals.

“I think we’re still actually too young to carry that kind of relationship that we have.”

“Actually, we were very relaxed, we took care of each other, very supportive kami,” she added.

“It’s just that we’re too young to lead to something more than that.

“So, siguro we have to make ourselves grow us a person first.

“I have to be more woman, he has to be more of a man.

“Marami pa kaming kailangang madiskubre sa sarili namin.”

Nevertheless, Lovi divulged that Rocco is the nicest man that she ever had a relationship with.

“Rocco is a really good guy, very ideal naman talaga.

“It’s just that, ako, bilang isang tao, I feel like hindi pa ako buo as an individual.

“We had to work on ourselves talaga. I’m always the problem.”

“Of course, every time naman a relationship ends, nakakalungkot naman talaga,.

“It’s a process naman, e. I think when it comes to breakups, you never really fully know how to cope. Then, I guess there’s only one way, it’s to move forward.”

“So, whatever happens in the future, we don’t know naman.”

In spite of the fact that they are no longer in a relationship, Lovi said: “I will always treasure what I had with my past relationship. I will never forget that.

“He will always be close to my heart and special to me. I learned a lot from our relationship.”

Meanwhile, regarding her split up with Rocco Lovi said, “I feel like hindi pa ako buo as an individual. We had to work on ourselves talaga. I’m always the problem.”

As of now, she wants to enjoy her life as a single person.

The sexy Kapuso actress said: “I think, right now, what I really wanna do is focus on myself since marami pa naman akong gustong gawin.”

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