Here’s Why Iceberg Is A MUST-EAT In The Philippines


The moment you enter an Iceberg restaurant the captivating smell and taste of fresh food and sweet delicacies will immediately catch your attention. Now here are a few reasons why you should definitely visit Iceberg next time you visit the Philippines.

Budget-friendly restaurant

At Iceberg the price is low but the satisfaction rating high! There’s nowhere else can you can get the most delicious Maiz Con Hielo, drizzles and ice cream and still stay budget-friendly. Iceberg offers sweet dishes and delicacies for a great value.

Satisfying Fish Teriyaki or Adobo

One of the most popular items on the Iceberg menu is fish adobo. Adobo may be standard local cuisine but Iceberg has managed to introduce flavours that your taste buds won’t forget. It’s best paired with corned rice, but even plain, steamed rice manages to bring all the right flavours out in one bite. The fish is perfectly crispy, and, combined with the sweet and buttery flavour, Iceberg’s made a winning formula for success!


The best ice creams and Halo Halo

If you are craving for the best ice cream and halo halo in Manila then this is definitely the place for you. You’d want to try the mouthwatering chocolate ice cream parfaits, Oreo sundaes and of course their massive Halo Halo specials that are guaranteed to wow your taste buds!

Great ambiance and service

As soon as you walk in an Iceberg restaurant, you are immediately welcomed with big smiles, friendly caterers, waitresses, and waiters. Their hospitality will surely make you feel comfortable wherever you sit.

Shaved ices and mangoes

Iceberg offers its customers with a satisfying large bowl of shaved ice with a massive scoop of ice cream and a mouthful of fresh mango. Other fruits are also available upon selection based on your budget.


The best place for your kids

Treat your kids to the best dishes and desserts from Iceberg, which has a great variety of items on its menu. Located in the heart of Mall of Asia, Manila, it’s a great meeting spot for friends and family, and the perfect place to sit back with a big bowl of Halo Halo or banana split and reminisce about what it was like being a kid, wishing you could eat dessert all day every day!

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