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True Confessions: I Seduced My Friend’s Fiancé To Get Revenge On Him For Being A Cheater

I’ve done some pretty terrible things in my life, but seducing my friend’s ex-fiancé was a horrible experience I truly can’t forg [...]

Top 5 Filipino Creations That The World Should Know About

Did you know that the Philippines is home to brilliant Filipino artists and inventors whose creations deserved to be known worldwide? Here a [...]

And The New Miss Earth Australia 2019 Is… Susana Downes!

Seventeen worthy queens vied for a single crown on Sunday, September 8, 2019, and the coronation night turned out to be a smashing success! [...]

Four Things Filipinos Abroad Miss About The Philippines

In almost every Filipino household these days, a family member or a relative is either gone or still planning to go abroad. Everybody seems [...]

The 10 Most Ridiculously Hilarious Business Names In Philippine History

Let’s face it, Filipinos are very funny people. These Pinoy establishments decided to catch people’s attention by coming up with hum [...]

8 Hilarious, Bizarre, And Ingenious Things Filipinos Have Come Up With To Handle Flood Season!

Come rain or shine, we Filipinos can make the most of anything! 1. Play the mermaid 2. Play basketball 3. Eq [...]

4 Things Filipinos Abroad Miss About The Philippines

In almost every Filipino household these days, a family member or a relative is either gone or still planning to go abroad. Everybody seems [...]

Christmas In The Philippines: Then and Now

Unlike any other countries, the Philippines goes big when it comes to Christmas celebration. Its stance as the only country with the longest [...]

Five BIG Reasons Why You Should Watch Darren Espanto This Saturday

What: Be With Me featuring Darren Espanto (supported by Jasmine Henry) Darren Espanto is a Filipino – Canadian singer. He started sin [...]

4 Incredibly Useful Travel Tips For Balikbayans Traveling To The Philippines

Homecoming can either be thrilling or daunting. It brings with it a mixture of emotions, especially for those who’ve gotten used to th [...]

Here’s An Inside Look At Crucifixion In The Philippines And It’s Horrifically Gory

f Screenshot from VICE News’ YouTube Video In some parts in the Philippines, Good Friday is actually spent performing a very literal r [...]

Meet The Filipino Inventors Who Managed To Successfully Create A Water Fuelled Car & Motorcycle

The invention of vehicles to transport people and deliver goods at intended destinations were said to be developed during the 18th century. [...]

Warning: This Jollibee Video Is Making People Cry All Over The Country.

Screenshot from Jollibee’s YouTube Video This video goes out to those people who choose to love in silence. Philippines fast-food gian [...]

This Pimped Out Jeepney Is Turning Heads In The Philippines… OMG

Credit: Grace Alba, ABS-CBN News This insanely jazzed up Jeepney is catching everyone’s attention in Ilocos Norte and for good reason [...]

Coca-Cola Decided To Surprise People Who Sacrifice To Make Christmas Special. The Result Will Make You Cry

Screenshot from Coca-Cola’s YouTube video While we all celebrate the happiest time of the year with our loved ones, there are people o [...]

Five Awesome Ways To Celebrate Christmas The Filipino Way

If you happen to hear loud Christmas medley in malls, welcome to the Philippines and embrace their early Christmas celebration! As you know, [...]

3 Reasons Why The Filipino Movie Industry Is On The Brink Of Crumbling Down

By: Arlene Abella A lot of movie critics are dismayed at the quality of Filipino movies in more recent times. They find movies created by Fi [...]

This Incredibly Spooky “Black” Ghost Appeared In This Man’s Camera And It’s Absolutely Creepy

This family was out training for a basketball league when the trainer noticed something out of the ordinary when he got home and watched the [...]

This Was Incredible Moment When The Sun Started Dancing. What You’re About To See Will Leave You Speechless

Nowadays the whole world is exposed to various unusual things or phenomena happening which are beyond our comprehension – only God kno [...]

Former Governor And Robin Padilla’s Brother, Roy Padilla Jr To Be Incarcerated In New Bilibid Prison

The Padilla clan is again at the centre of controversy gain as Robin’s brother and former Governor of Camarines Norte, Casimiro “Roy” [...]

Watch How The Power Of Prayer Actually Stopped This Tornado From Destroying A Village In The Philippines

God heard these people’s prayers and he answered it in dramatic fashion. A powerful tornado was about to hit a village in the Philippi [...]

A Philippines Priest Has Just Been Suspended For Riding A Hoverboard While Delivering A Sermon

A Catholic priest from the Biñan Parish in Philippines has just recently been suspended after footage emerged of him delivering a Christmas [...]

Miss Universe Shock! Miss Philippines Won But The Host Accidentally Announced The Wrong Winner!

The Miss Universe competition was marred with chaos and confusion after the host of the pageant announced the wrong winner of the contest. C [...]

This Filipino Balloon Game Is So Insanely Awkward It Will Make You Laugh Until Your Face Hurts!

This hilarious party game is exactly what you need to liven up your party and provide you and your guests with tons of laughter. The concept [...]

Six Absolutely Hilarious Sign You Can Only Find In The Philippines… LOL

No “Vindors” allowed period. This paint takes longer to dry than any other paint Someone’s looking for a “spare” hand There’s [...]

Here Are 11 Surefire Signs That You’re Actually At A Filipino Party… LOL

Have you ever wondered if you’re attending a Filipino party? Well wonder no more! Buzzfeed decided to compile a list of what separates [...]

Mindanaoans Are Congregating To This Banana Tree Because It Has An ‘Image Of Jesus Christ’

An image of Jesus Christ has apparently appeared on the trunk of the banana tree which was planted in Misamis, Oriental. The local residents [...]

Americans Finally Got To See The Phenomenal AlDub Love Team… Their Reactions Were Priceless!

Let’s face it, the AlDub love team is so massive that it has drawn the attention of the rest of the world. Well BuzzFeed decided to sh [...]

This Chilling Ghost Was Caught on Cam At A Rizal High School… Well, I’m Not Sleeping Tonight!

Rizal High School in the Philippines is the largest high school in terms of population based on the Guinness Book of World Records year 1993 [...]

Men Who Claims To Be Speaking With God And Aliens Are Running For Presidency (Yes, You Read Right)

The political circus in the Philippines is now in full swing after the Comelec opened the registration for the filing of Certificate of Cand [...]

No One Can Explain What This Security Camera Captured. Is This Haunted Chair Proof That Ghosts Exists??

Something creepy happened in a barangay hall in the Philippines and when you see this video it’s going to make the hairs on the back o [...]

Warning: This Photo Of A Headless Pinay Student Is Terrifying People All Over The Country

This photo of a headless teenager just went viral online and for good reason! This photo was taken in a crowded hallway of a school Everythi [...]

Watch X Factor UK Pinay Girl Group 4th Power Completely OWN Christina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque” … WOW

The Filipino girl group, Fourth Power, is once again the centre of attention as they continue to gain popularity worldwide because of their [...]
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